Looking for a home-based business
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50 Home Businesses     May, 2018

Information on this site is supplied by real people

I know what it’s like. You want to support your family by starting a business from home, but can’t think what type of business would work in your circumstances.

Well, here’s a resource that lists REAL businesses for you to consider, businesses you could run that would supply in-demand goods or services to your local community.


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This website is constantly updated, but the PDF list of the businesses mentioned on this site is only updated occasionally. To get your copy of the current PDF, click the picture – or click this blue link: Home Businesses for the Real World
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The internet has made it much easier to find this type of information 

One of the really great things about the internet is the way it has made it much faster, easier, and cheaper to learn. In the instructional materials you’ll find on this site, the expert (who has learnt the information at the coalface) will do the teaching!

These skills are not “pie in the sky” stories of “passive income” that never eventuates. I don’t include stories of people who’ve gone from rags to riches in a few weeks. And you won’t find any dodgy “rip off everyone in sight” online scams or Ponzi/Pyramid Schemes. These are just real people telling you about their real businesses – some of them very unusual.

Have a look around the site, and see if learning any of these businesses appeal to you.